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Rockin' Greek Mythology! - 93%

HammerOfDeath, September 11th, 2016
Written based on this version: 1987, 12" vinyl, EMI

The 80s Hellas metal scene was an interesting one, a lot of Greeks joined and accepted metal as the true form of musical worship, but how many bands from that era are still active? Pretty much Vice Human and Sarissa only, and Vice Human sort of disappeared since their 2013 album. The metal scene in Greece never quite took off, but regardless of its lack of success, there were still some amazing metal releases that came from the Hellenic school of music, and among them was Northwind's Mythology.

From the first rocking seconds of "Stop, Sisyphus Stop", you know this is going to be an enjoyable record. It resembles a heavier Deep Purple with the occasional rock and power metal thrown into the mixture, and with that 80s production values that we all have gotten accustomed to. Performances are all great with the guitar taking the natural lead role, occasionally shining and dropping a good solo. Vocalist is decent, he has a pretty standard voice and gets the job done, plus he has some assistance from a female choir that truly elevates this album higher.

"Variety is the spice of life" as they say and in Mythology, you get a really interesting gyro of metal and rock. "Stop, Sisyphus Stop" and "Prometheus the Man" show the naturally rockier sound of the band. Heavier tracks like "Achilles Last Stand" and "Troy" expose Northwind's metal side, faster and focused on the guitar riff. Finally, "Medea" and "Iole" are an excellent example of epic heavy metal, the latter in particular shows a tremendous amount of songwriting skill, displaying their proficiency for meaningful acoustic passages, memorable sing-along sections and powerful guitar work, definitely the best track of the bunch.

I can definitely choose "Iole" and "Prometheus" as my favorites, but don't get me wrong, there's no dud in this album, it's all killer! What Northwind achieved with this album is very impressive for the time it was, there was nothing quite as mature and evolved as Mythology in the Greek metal scene. And even after almost 30 years, this album proudly stands as a true example that good music is timeless. Sadly, Northwind disbanded a few years later, a real shame...