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Could this be why Time is delayed? - 98%

wolvie90, May 17th, 2008

This really sounds like Jari Mäenpää had something to do with it. My first thought was "sounds like a crossing of Ensiferum and Wintersun". More folkish than Wintersun, and more epic than Ensiferum. This group of young Spaniards seem to pick up where Ensiferum left off. Lets face it, Victory Songs was a bit of a disappointment.

Sure it's only five songs but five really good ones. They're all intense and fast, in the same vein as bands like Wolfchant, Equilibrium and the aforementioned Ensiferum. The folkish melodies of the guitars and the keyboards are in perfect harmony. It's the kind of melodies that go straight to your heart on the first spin, and the keyboards brings a very epic atmosphere to it.

The drum work is fairly simple, double bass beat is used frequently and nothing more is needed. No fancy technical stuff here. There are some blast beat parts but not many.

The vocals are high pitched screams for the most part and can easily match Jaris. Since basically the whole band backs up the lead vocalist we get really powerful screams on many parts. There are almost no clean singing here that we usually get with these bands, which could be kind of a set back to some. Really nothing more to say here, the lyrics are the same kind of epic fantasy tale-ish stuff we usually hear in this genre.

Production is solid, if I had to complain on something I would say it is a little bit bass heavy sometimes, but that could just as well be my stereo equalizer settings thats the problem.

A quick summary then. This is the best debut I've heard since Ensiferum. Its probably as epic as it can get. Its free to download from their homepage so I recommend it to everyone.

Killer tracks: Five equally awesome songs.