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Flawless. - 100%

bodom658, April 6th, 2007

This album has made me love this band, ever since first seeing the Mirror of Madness video on Every song captures the emotions of the players, in their solo's especially, as this is a band who really understands the term "Melody." This is hard to find in a lot of newer bands. From the second "Blackhearted" starts, till the second "Frozen Sky" ends, there isnt a single flaw. This band knows how to use it's tools to it's advantages. Solos are not blairing fast guitar runs, though short spurts are incorperated, the Gain is on 11, but all together they have a solid sound, and one can tell the difference between instruments, and see how each song is it's own entity.

A lot of people refer to these guys as Bodom wantabees, but this just isn't true. They are very different, and really, besides instrumentation, the only similarity is Lindroos and Laiho's voices, though Petri's is different enough to be called his own. The keyboards are compleatly different, as Planman's keyboard style seems more leant towards classical music, while Warman is more improve - jazz to begin with, and the Metal coming naturally. Both guitarists, Ranta and Lindroos, takes solos in most songs, while there are exceptions, maybe not on Mirror of Madness, but in general, while Alexi, along with writing almost every peice of music, also does all of the solos.

So now maybe you can see how unique this band is, and how amazing this album is, so go ahead, buy it, and listen to it over and over again.