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The best melodic black metal album ever? - 100%

Scapulla, June 15th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2003, CD, Avalon (Japan)

People love to compare Norther to Children of Bodom so much. In reality, they sound nothing like each other. It's like saying Mario and Luigi are the same person, mate they're both fucking different. On Mirror of Madness , I don't think melodic death metal is the best way to describe what Norther plays. To me, Norther plays symphonic/melodic black metal. You will never hear any band play music like Norther does. They have their own unique sound and every fan knows that. I love everything about this album. It's perfect in so many ways. Forget about what happened to them later on, here we have a masterpiece. If you don't own this album and you think you know it all about metal - you clearly have no idea.

Blackheared the opening track, will give you straight away the idea of how Norther will sound like for the rest of the album. Despite Norther not being a symphonic metal band, they still use the keyboards. They use the keyboards very well and never overuse them. They usually have three or four melodies in each song to keep you entertained. There's one thing you should note about Norther. When Petri Lindroos sings, you're going to be hearing different type of vocals. His vocals are so energetic that you will hate listening to part of songs when he's not singing. He sings so well on the melodies of each song. On Mirror of Madness Petri Lindroos showed his true singing talent. It's definitely one of the highlights of the album, because there's a chorus of Petri Lindroos doing clean vocals. Petri Lindroos ended up in Ensiferum now, this is the song that definitely got them thinking that he is the perfect replacement for Jari Mäenpää. The vocals are the best thing about this album.

The guitar riffs are interesting because they sound like the keyboards. The drummer also puts in a lot of effort creating that fast-paced black metal drumming every fan of the genre wants. All members show their true talent when Petri Lindroos isn't singing. As I mentioned before, his vocals will blow you away. You will hardly even focus on the music. When he isn't singing , there's extensive use of guitar solos with drums and keyboards. I don't like to mention song titles at all, but honestly every song sounds good equally. The keyboards are mainly symphonic/gothic elements most of the time , but sometime they sound very folky at the same time. Let's hope Tuomas Planman knew what he was doing unlike people who play random notes.

Norther's music did turn into shit later on, but this album is different. Mirror of Madness is the best to start with if you're trying to become a fan of Norther. This album will remain forever as a legendary melodic black metal album. You got a great singer, choruses, and melodic metal music - it can't get any better than that.