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Eternal and Glorious Forever! - 98%

JosephPeratalo, September 17th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2003, CD, Spinefarm Records

Simply, this album has an amazing sound. Take the epic rock of Rhapsody, and combine it with screaming unrelenting vocals, an absolute masterpiece. Also, the guitar solos are absolutely insane. Once again Norther hits us with some amazing guitar and keyboard works. Each song has the Norther feel to it and similar sounds. To some people, this could hurt the record but regardless, they are all good songs from top to bottom.

Aside from the dazzling guitar work, the album is also solid in its drumming and vocals. The bass is not really heard that well, it's usually playing along with the rhythm of the double pedal. The drumming is pretty precise, no sloppy fills and constant double pedal. Give credit to vocalist too, he can't compare to Alexi Laiho, but he too does his fair share of lead guitar and singing at the same time, for example, in the song ‘‘Midnight Walker’’.

Are the same old lyrics you'd expect from Norther. A lot of hatred is felt through the lyrics in this album. Such examples are: "you're asleep and I love you, but more than thousand times I cut you" and "blood will fall when I unleash hell". That's truly amazing. Petri Lindroos' vocals are simply amazing, still one of the best in the genre I ever heard. His scream is very clear, the lyrics are very understandable without having to refer to the booklet for the lyrics.

Talking about the highlights of this album, we've got ‘‘Blackhearted’’, the opening song. I love this song, especially the beginning; a perfect song. The next song, ‘‘Betrayed’’, is another masterpiece, and you only need to hear it for knowing why it's so good. Probably one of the most perfect songs is ‘‘Cry’’, it has a great riff in the beginning, it’s definitely great. The last highlight is ‘‘Mirror of Madness’’, this song is my favorite, because there are awesome riffs and I love the lyrics in this song. It's also a really catchy song, especially the chorus. I won't talk about weak points in this album, because there isn't really, but I want to say that ‘’Unleash Hell’’, is a bit repetitive, the riff is the same along all the song, although it is very good, but not too much.

I think it is the best album of Norther, because it is the best melodic death metal album ever made. It is less synth driven, has better vocals and generally better songwriting; it is aggressive, guitar driven and musically impressive. Sincerely, they themselves have exceeded their expectations with this album and has left an incredible mark on metal. You should try listening to them.