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Nominon - Terra Necrosis - 100%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

I was blown away by their previous killer, Recremation, and this time around I’m nailed to the floor. These Swedish lads have created an utterly dark and hateful death metal album, ignoring trends and holding their heads proudly up in the sky as they dare to peek out of the mold. There’s a whole bunch of bands that are hailed for their old school feeling, while they’re really just re-doing what Dismember and Nihilist have already done. And while Nominon might not re-invent the wheel, they’re sure-as-hell not just another clone.

The brutal riffing definitely keeps it old school, but takes on more modern influences that I might even blame Deicide for, and I could probably blame Autopsy for being the models of dirty and raw aggression, after which Terra necrosis was sculpted. But amidst the ferocity and just pure aggression, there’s also a hint of melody that I’d say is unusual for modern old school death metallers. The tunes are varied and offers raging speed, mid tempo and heavy-as-shit breakdowns, seasoned with the pummeling, heavy-as-hell strings and oh-so-lovely vocals. Garptoft’s growling screams reeks of hatred, and is fits the music perfectly. The production offers a thick wall of sound that really lets the brutality take its full effect, and each and every riff just screams “I’ll kill you”, oozing of hatred.

They’ve definitely topped their old releases, and I don’t see how they could ever match Terra necrosis. But after the development Nominon have shown over the years I doubt they’ll disappoint in the future.

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