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Sampler trampler - 60%

autothrall, April 25th, 2010

Nominon released this 4-track EP as a teaser for their 2010 album, having been signed up by Deathgasm Records. Once again, this is a release purely for the fans of the band, as there would simply not be enough value contained within to lavish money upon it unless you are collecing their releases. Nominon are another of the Swedish bands who (for years now) have been promoting and performing a very old school brand of death metal, which tempers the sounds of Swedish classics Entombed/Grave with some early American influence. I've enjoyed some of their full-length efforts, especially Diabolical Bloodshed and Recremation, but for all its loyalty and energy, I only found a few of the riffs here satisfying.

"Omen" leads off, the representative off the following full-length, with a feral, grinding energy that hits a pretty catchy old school riff before the minute mark. The lead and churning rhythm below are also quite intense, but otherwise the song did not catchy my attention. "Invocations" is a re-recorded track from the band's Blaspheming the Dead EP (2003), and it explodes at you, with a killer lead off hook. The solo here is once again cool, as Juha Sulasalmi's vocal echoes over it and the guitars chug along beneath. Though it's old news, this is probably the best song on this release. "Through Dead Dreams Door" is another newer track, but it's another good song (and better than "Omen" in my opinion), which evokes a horrific atmosphere, as if you were being stalked through some condemned hospital by a mad surgeon intent on some malpractice. The fourth and final cut is a live rendition of their great "Submit to Evil", from Recremation (2005). Sounds like it would be pretty sick to experience in a live setting, but kind of hard to make out on this recording (except the vocals, which sound great).

If you're already a big fan of Nominon and their Swedish death peers like Paganizer, Ripspreader, and the like, and you're collecting all their output, Omen is 16 minutes you might not want to miss. The re-recorded "Invocations" and "Through Dead Dreams Door" are the meat of the material, but I could care less for the title track or the live. It's ever the burden of an EP to entertain you enough for its short playlength, which is why so few are really worth the time (the best being EPs that contain 4-6 tracks of exclusive material). If you're new to Nominon's sound, I'd highly advise checking out their first two albums before any of their shortform releases.