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Nominon - Omen - 80%

Phuling, January 5th, 2010

It seems like lately all I’ve been getting are black metal promos, and while I’m not one to shun the genre it’s refreshing to receive some good ol’ quality death metal for once. I knew this would be quality stuff before I even pressed play; I mean after all it’s Nominon we’re talking about. Although in any other sentence I probably wouldn’t have used a word such as ‘refreshing’ to describe said act, since this is far from progressive, experimental and modern. What lies within "Omen" is purely old school, reeking of freshly dug-up graves and savagery in the name of cannibalism.

This EP is meant as a pre-taste of what’s to come, in waiting of their new fullength. The album’s already been recorded, but I have no idea who handled the vocal duties for it. These four tracks here have four different vocalists, two of which I don’t think have had anything to actually do with the band previous to this. But nevertheless I’m sure the upcoming album will kick ass, and if there were ever any doubt it’s definitely long-gone after this display.

The opening track, the title track, has a guy named Erik Sahlström on vocals. I’m guessing he’s the one who took over the vocal duties for General Surgery a while ago, at least I don’t know of any other metal vocalist by that name. He delivers a solid, raspy, and slightly gory, old school growl, fitting perfectly in with the solid old school death metal with slick riffing and hefty drumming. If I’m not mistaken the "Omen" track will also be included on the upcoming album. The next track, "Invocations" is a re-recording (originally on the "Blaspheming the dead" 7" if I’m not way off base) featuring Juha Sulasalmi on vocals, otherwise guitarist of the band. Another solid delivery of classic death metal growls and marvelous riffing. The track that really stands out here is what comes next; "Through dead dreams door". The tempo is somewhat faster, the riffing couldn’t have been more satisfying and the grunting vocals of Johan Thornberg (I don’t know, but possibly the original vocalist of "Insision") adds such brutality to the mix. This is by far the most potent song of the bunch, with its fantastic riffing and tempo changes along with the deep growls. This is the shit, and I think it’ll be an exclusive track for this release. The ending track has former Nominon vocalist Daniel Garptoft on a live-recording of "Submit to evil", originally on the "Recremation" album. It’s definitely not the best quality of recording, but it’s fitting as a bonus to the record.

Both new tracks definitely get the juices flowing and do a hell of a job of making me long for the coming album. While similar, in the way that they both sound like Nominon, they’re also somewhat different in approach as "Omen" has a slightly thrashing edge and "Through dead dreams" door has a groovier and more brutal edge. It’s just superb, and I can’t wait for their next output.

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