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(JL) America, Fuck Yeah! - 69%

Danthrax_Nasty, November 4th, 2005

Everything about this just screams awesome too me. This is high energy 80's Speed/Thrash influenced Technical Death Metal, with tons, and tons of riffs. This is just a total riff fest, with killer solos all over the place, and a great mixture of vocal elements. Released in 1993, hailing straight from Jersey (apparently they formed in Texas, according to this site?), and brandishing an unrelenting Death/Thrash brand of Metal. Seriously, if you could accurately measure aggression, I'd imagine this ranking some where around a live GG Allin show, and an overly violent gang rape which ends in murder, and lots of mutilation.

The only real down side I see to this is that the production some what hurts the bands style (but I'm listening to a casette made/released in 1993, so that probably has more than a little to do with it). With said, I'm still quite pleased with every listen (even though I'm really not that big of a Death Metal fan myself), and this still manages to work its way into my playlist (even if not too often, but I've had it a good long while). Of the best things to find here the endless riff diversity doesnt exactly hurt, nor does the full on head banging, always blasting along, I'm so fucking hatefull, and aggressive I just gotta show it at all moments rythms, and drums, or do the Blackend, scratchy vocal stylings (with cool Death backing growls). I imagine though, some people may get bored with this, as there is a fair deal of diversity, but the overall feel never stops, and the production values, and style are basically consistant through out the album. Some songs stand out above others, but mostly blend together well. Not a very melodic album, has its highlights, but mostly its slightly generic Thrashing Technical Death, with an average beats per minute equal to a mouse' pulse.

This is a fairly mediocre release, but definitely kick ass for what it is. The lyrics aint too bad, but really arent that good... not that you can pick them out much when sung. I'd suggest picking this up if the style appeals to your taste other wise leave it for someone who can appreciate it.