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Well Intentioned Attempt - 56%

wakemeup36, July 18th, 2010

I don't know much (ok, anything) about metal in Syria but a quick search tells me that the number of metal bands in the country is very small. A look at the cover art of this demo will pretty much tell you what you're in for. A very basic, stripped down, minimalistic black metal experience is at hand.

The demo consists of very basic tremolo riffs. A lot of the riffs are quite catchy and the melodies, although generic, are definitely well done. The problem is that most of these riffs and melodies are present only on the faster parts of the demo and the slower parts are quite boring as they fail to usually provide a solid atmosphere. The vocals are pretty much your everyday croaky, high pitched, distorted BM vocals. Unfortunately, they don't flow well with the song structure and just sound out of place most of the time. A lot of echoey effects are used on the vocals and they sound decent on the faster paced parts.

The drumming is distant and repetitive for the most part. There are some interesting fills but these are far and few in between. The production in rather inconsistent. It is ok on the first few tracks and the Enthroned cover but on The Nocturnal Forest and With Wrath So Divine it is quite bad, almost at the point of being annoying. The bass can actually be heard on the more well produced tracks. It just follows the guitar most of the time. The guitars and drums are pretty much given the raw sound they need.

As for the covers, I can't comment on With Wrath So Divine as I haven't listened to the original. However, the Enthroned cover is quite well done and does justice do the original. It breaks away from the norm of the album as it incorporates keyboards. However, it does a bit messy as the instruments are all over the place on some of the parts. Anyways, it's quite a fun listen.

There is quite a bit of potential heard on this demo. The man behind Nokturnal Forest can definitely write decent riffs and melodies. However at best, this is decent Transilvanian Hunger worship. He needs to break away from the legions of Darkthrone worshippers and offer something original or become a complete master at this style, like Mephisophilus from Saudi Arabia or ...aaaarrghh... from Turkey, to actually stand out.