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Nokturnal Forest's Cleansed by the Evil Hand - 72%

MystifyXD, May 8th, 2010

Nokturnal Forest, a side-project of Blackspell’s Demon of Darkness, plays raw black metal music, unlike Blackspell, that plays symphonic black metal (with ambient influences). “Cleansed by the Evil Hand” is the band’s second demo (and probably the last material that will be made by the band), so let’s check it out.

The guitars are very grim-sounding (especially when put together with the guitar riffs) even though it doesn’t have much force in it. The riffs, though typical, are very good black metal riffs in the sense that it gives the songs its grim atmosphere, together with the vocals. The only problem here is the drums, whose beats range from slightly present to almost devoid (something to do with the production). You might hear the drums properly on “Sacrifice the Immolation but the beats were like a haunting ghost on “Sabbath of a Thousand Young”. Well, it’s the production’s problem, which gave the songs a raw yet weak finish.

“Transilvanian Darkness” is the first real song here and a fine way to start the demo. Though this song (and some more others) is very similar to Darkthrone’s style, the song’s atmosphere is quite a trance, being somewhat gloomy and all. Though the vocals are quite dimmed out, “Sacrificing the Immolation” is the eeriest song here, still with good atmosphere. Meanwhile, the Enthroned cover, “Evil Church”, is a song filled with speed and brutality. Though I don’t know what the original version sounds like, the song is nevertheless good, with some symphonic parts placed here and there. The only bad part here is the guitar solo, which frankly sounds gibberish. Even though the deom does sound traditional, the songs are worth checking out and banging your head on.

So what could I say? For a demo CD, this isn’t bad, though the production needs some fixing. I wonder what Syria has against black metal because metal, in general, is just music nowadays (though it’s more than that for some) and Syria is a Muslim country. Overall, the demo shows much potential in it. If you’re looking for something “kvlt” then you better take a listen to this one!

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