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Ehh, Overrated - 55%

corviderrant, April 16th, 2006

Typical Scott Burns/Morrisound production + unimaginative lyrics and riffs + lots of widdly-widdly shredding + gratuitous keyboards that really don't add too much to the music = boring and overrated. People made a big stink over this album when it came out in 1990, and I listened to it, but really didn't get too into it after a while. Let us not forget Mike Browning's heavily effected-out vocals and the fact that, well, he wasn't a pimple on Pete Sandoval's ass in the drumming department. I can hear his feet faltering on some double kick parts and on the few blast beats on this album he totally loses it.

Everybody was on about Mike Davis and Sean McNenney and how they shredded so much--the songs were really only vehicles for them shredding. And even then I found the soloing not that inspired, more Slayeresque wankery than anything else. The bass as always is buried underneath everything else and the keyboards...all those who think black metal these days is all gratuitous keyboards should hear this joker trying too hard to add atmosphere when all he does is make silly horror-film noises. Quite laughable, really--and live he looked like he was being electrocuted when he was headbanging behind his keyboards!

The songs are, as I said, more vehicles for guitar wanking more than anything else and when they're not wanking they are playing the most boring and basic riffs ever. And when they try and go off on tangents to try and seem more "artsy", it just doesn't work; it comes off as forced and unnatural. The lyrics are utter tripe, too, silly Satanic cliches to the max. Kam Lee's appearance is limited to a couple of backing vocal grunts here and there, and adds nothing to the overall picture. In short, the record label promoted his appearance to try and whip up some interest.

If you are a completist for the heyday of Floridian Death Metal, pick this CD up if only to see where it began going downhill. I really didn't find this anything special when it came out and feel about the same to this day.