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Forgotten band in the Power Metal scene - 95%

InfernoxDeath, May 22nd, 2006

New album from one of the best melodic Heavy Power Metal bands in the scene worldwide. NOCTURNAL RITES, without ever being the super name in their genre they have always managed to be there with pride. "Grand Illusion" is the logical next step in their career. Mature music with excellent performing and production, in a work that shows a band that although it has been so many years in the scene, still has the same freshness as in their first release. It is really a pity that this band never got the recognition it really deserved as on of the best metal acts but maybe this is the good point here. Without this weight on their shoulders they continue to do what they always have done, something that sometimes many bands find it hard when they seem to hold the hopes of a genre in their hands. Without many words NOCTURNAL RITES never claimed to be on top although they ought to.
Anyway let's get to the album now. The music is as always full of melody and passion but also powerful and strong. All these of course are covered with an excellent voice that gives a big plus to the whole result. Songs like "Never Trust" and "Our Wasted Days" have everything that is needed for a track to be stuck in your mind for a long time, and this from the very first listening. The "blend" of the keyboards with the melodic guitars gives an excellent result to the sound of the CDIf you don't know NOCTURNAL RITES I think that it is time to get familiar with them. Don't waste any more time with the so called "great new coming" bands that has so many to offer to the music.