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Under a Funeral Manitoba - 78%

tomcat_ha, December 4th, 2019

I’ll kick in the door right away. Cathartic Black Rituals is a new album that sounds like Under a Funeral Moon. While we don’t get swamped with albums that sound like Darkthrone worship as much as we used to this is still a style that has been pretty much done to death. While commendable for a band to go against the current by jumping on an older (in my opinion better) trend you gotta do this style pretty well when bands such as Urgehal thoroughly explored this niche.

Nocturnal Departure luckily mostly succeed in this regard. The reason for this is fairly simple, this is a pretty dynamic record. There are plenty of tempo changes and the riffs change up quite regularly. The riffs themselves are like 90% what the masters themselves did over 25 years ago. Of course this means that the Celtic Frost influence permeates through everything. They add a little spice and spark by having a prominent bass guitar in the mix and touches of dissonant chords here and there. Those 2 elements are pretty much the only factors by which one can tell that this was released in 2019. The rest production included sounds more in line with what happened 20 years ago. The only issue with this album is that the riffs lack the X-factor to make them more than solid worship.

Cathartic Black Rituals is just right if you want just want to listen to black metal for fun. There is no innovation but there is enough freshness and skill displayed here to get your head moving. Worship this may be but generic it is not.