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Black Metallers Thrash! - 81%

Metalli_Priest, December 9th, 2003

My my, and don't they thrash well.

Nocturnal Breed are one of many bands from northern europe formed by members from black metal bands. In this case, those bands being Dimmu Borgir, Gehenna and The Kovenant. This was one of the few cds that I have bought having never heard of the band before. I just saw the cover and said; yep, this has to be good. They look totally fucking metal.

Anyhow, onto the music. A simple description of the music for offer on this album is not too far removed from early Sodom and Kreator. Infact, you could probably compare most of the songs here to those on Pleasure to Kill, although it is slightly less deathy. For the most part it is raw, fast germanic styled thrash with some black metal overtones that the members wern't able to shake all the way off. The lyrics are fairly typical of the aformentioned style, that is plenty of songs about war and satan, although half the time, the vocals are incomprehensible, as one might expect from a black metal vocalist. The guitaring is for the most time is great, although, sometimes it becomes slightly sloppy and the riffs themselves lack punch. The drums and bass pretty average, that is, they do what they are supposed to do without going over the top in (both in a positive and negative way). All in all, the four members deliver every song in an enegetic, no bullshit, evil manner. Most of the songs sound the same, but there are a few that stand out for me: the opener 'The Artillery Attack', 'Thrash the Redeemer','Warhorse' has a mad intro that leads into a pumeling, fast verse riff. The title track is also very decent, and my personal favourite: 'Sodomite'.

None of the songs are paricularly bad, however, there is a song that came as a rather large surprise to me: a Twisted Sister cover in the form of 'Under the Blade'. From my description of the band, it would be easy to think that this version of the song is quite removed from the original, and that is pretty much the case. Although it is infinitely more brutal than the original some fifteen years before, it don't loose any of the downright enjoyment, that that version had.

Nocturnal Breed are not about to change the world by creating, original and ground breaking music, but what they do, they do well. Highly enjoyable european thrash. Oh, and I HAVE to see these guys live: naked women and thrash metal... what more could you want?!

One final note: The track listing on the back of the case is missing two songs 'Fists Of Fury' and 'Roadkill Maze'.