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When Fires Breed Blood - 75%

Skyklad, August 30th, 2002

NOCTUARY - When Fires Breed Blood.. (Lost Disciple ~2000)
This album features anguished, aggressively scathing vocals on top of foreboding, guitars and spiced up drumming. The interludes of acoustic sections and a bit of piano work here and there compliment the aggression rather well. I don't know if it's just my ears or what but near the end of 'Legions March Unto Earthly Realms' (track 3) the acoustic guitar layered behind the electric sounds like "squeaking". The cool thing about this album is I find it more diversified than the previous release. The influences of eighties Thrash and the Black Metal movement of the early nineties is easily heard here. The additional classical compositions add definite depth and feeling here. This is easily my favourite NOCTUARY album of the two I have. It almost seems too short at only eight trax though. I also want to add that earlier on I interviewed Joe and he mentioned listening to the album on headphones and that it'd be a totally different experience. Go ahead and do this is all I have to say.