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Good, but easily forgotten. - 70%

vrozlyd, February 2nd, 2011

The more formulaic bands within Black Metal have a heavy burden placed upon them, to expand on a sound that has been expanded on thousands of times. Without the gift of originality this can only be supplemented by technical bravado and favorable imitation of greater groups success's. Noctuary has fallen into this trap on their first full length, and in my opinion did not find a successful way out, yet still impressed me with their regurgitation. If you like this bands specific style, you will like this album, if you don't you will be bored.

I want to make it clear that this is a good band. I also want to make it clear that these are great musicians that know how to play their instruments with finesse. This band should not be scolded too heavily for their approach, because it is quite good for what it is, and after all it is their debut full length. Sadly they arrived to this creative, melodic nexus a bit late, and are covering the same old ground. This is USBM from 1998, so only a few bands were doing what they were attempting better in their part of the world at the time, and that should be noted here.

Standard but solid vocals spew forth. Technical and proficient drumming keeps things solid on the rhythm front. Melodic guitar playing with classy leads and solos fulfill most desires. So why am I so bored with this? It just seems as though, without naming hundreds of bands, I've heard this type of album so many times before. Impressive but not something that will stick in your mind for more than one day. You could own a sizable collection of records like this, and many do I'm sure, and listen to few of them more than a handful of times.

This is a solid release. If you are interested in this band, check out a song or two on YouTube and come to your own decision. I would describe this music as aggressive yet melodic American Black Metal, that doesn't change tempo frequently, or use unique techniques to embellish the overall feel of the recording. Does that sound exciting? To me it wasn't, but to you it may be, so check For Salvation... out and see what you think.