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Onyx review - 98%

girionis, February 26th, 2006

I knew Nocternity from their split with Nastrond and I knew what to expect. Cold, eerie and very heavy black metal but I when I got the LP in my hands it truly exceeded my expectations. The album is better than anyone can imagine, a true masterpiece, an ode, not only to black metal but to the whole metal genre.

The music interchanges between mid-paced rhythms and speedy outbursts. What truly makes this album unique though is the extremely heavy sound. The sound distortion results in a very much unique and individual album, it does not sound like any other black metal band out there. The guitars blast out incredibly freezing and melodic riffs, it is amazing how melody is built on top of the solid sound and it gives you an unreal and dreamy feeling. The drums and the blast beats add volume to the album. The vocals sound like they have just been spewed out from hell, they burn you by just listening to them and even the clean vocals (there are some narrative parts in the album) add up nicely to the dark atmosphere. There is also the occasional use of keyboards, mainly in the mid-paced parts of the music, which they fit in nicely and make the album sound even more exquisite.

Everything in this album gives a cold, melodic and uncanny sense, even the artwork (gatefold LP), the record cover and the photos which are only in black and white design. There is also a small poster as a present with the LP.

This album is a must for everyone who likes metal. Check it out and you won't regret it.