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Great thrash album - 85%

stonedjesus, May 21st, 2007

"Psychological Torment" is a monster of a thrash album. Far superior to their Napalm Death inspired "Contamination Rises" album, this is catchy and well executed thrash metal.

The best comparison I could make would be something along the lines of Pestilence's "Malleus Malificarum" album. This is clearly a thrash album but with an obvious death metal tendency.

The free-wheeling feel of Exodus comes to mind in the occasional shouted group vocal, usually accentuating the chorus. The ability to pull off a chorus is unique in the thrash metal genre, the memorable and discernable nature of these songs makes "Psychological Torment" that much more valuable. Guitar riffs and soloing here are clearly influenced by Possessed. Production is straightforward and there is enough presence that listening is not a chore.

I highly recommend this to fans of thrash and death metal.