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Nil Vaaartului Nji - 95%

Metal_Finder, March 16th, 2009

Njiqahdda...The mystical black metal project who have released a truck load of albums upon the world since 2005 is back with a new full-length album. This album contains two tracks recorded during the same recording sessions as the acclaimed 'Nji. Njiijn. Njiiijn.' full-length released on Pagan Flames last year.

Apparently these two tracks were recorded for split albums that never materialized. Thankfully for the brothers Nji and EEE Recordings, these songs were not tossed to the trash bin. These two songs are very much in the vein of the NNN full-length and almost sound like a second disc extension of that album.
Jangly clean guitars, earth moving bass lines, post rock angularity, folky rhythms, highly distorted black metal guitar riffs, complex drum cascades and spacy ambiance abound...These are some of the things that this project has become notorious for over the past few years. This release finds them honing and perfecting their signature sound even more than before. Sometimes at points this
album sounds a lot like leftover Ulver-isms, mixed with the typical Njiqahdda sound. Quite an interesting new avenue for them, but genius nonetheless. I sometimes cannot help but think this band IS the true definition of 'post black metal'. Amazing.

Oddly enough, while these songs were recorded at the same time as the NNN full-length, the production is a bit more clear and clean than that album. Which helps give the release a unique feel as opposed to the previous album.

Totally recommended for fans of forward thinking post black metal. These guys shock me with every new release they do.