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Al-night-mare Of Sound. - 91%

Metal_Finder, February 6th, 2008

Here we have a 3 track slam of droned-out, funeral doom infused blackness. The album contains a myriad of genre hopping depressive sounds, which move from track to track. One thing immediately noted is the length of the record, 3 songs and over 40 minutes. Its safe to say that if you are not a fan of long songs, you probably wont like 'ADF'. But aside from the length of the songs, the music is actually quite inspiring/unique and the fact that there are no vocals makes the music stand out that much more.

The first track is a super-slow buzzing, plodding, dense musical workout. Caveman-paced drumming is mixed with open-chord clang and strum styled guitar playing. Imagine the band Earth covering a Nortt song and you have an idea of what to expect from this track. Dark and depressive yet bizarrely uplifting (which this band has a tendency to create quite often). A load of reverb and echo penetrates the production of the song, almost giving it a 'cathedral' like quality. Very distant and atmospheric, which lends itself to the notion of 'psychedelic' like qualities. Like an earthquake in slow-motion the song rumbles through until its last sound rings out and decays into nothingness.

The second track picks up with a massive plate-shifting rumble of sonic drone. Supersonic low-end rumbling that resembles a spaceship landing 30 miles underwater, but yet the music is more than just drone or noise. You can make out specific notes and melody throughout the entire 19+ minute track. A beautiful experiment in down-tuned psychedelic chaos that if listened to in a high-quality stereo at a loud enough volume, it could shake your walls and shatter the windows with all the low-end space age rumbling the track creates.

The third and final track of the release is not only the shortest, clocking in at about 6.5 minutes, but is also the most strange of the release. This track features nothing more than what sounds like a keyboard, bass guitar and drums. All of which are very simple and stripped down, creating an almost tribal essence to the track. The despair laden keys and bass mix perfectly with the pounding tom and snare work of the drums. A melancholic masterpiece of tribal dark ambient. Very unique for the genre.

A brilliant album that showcases three very different yet unique songs, that all come together to create a truly unique and memorable piece of art. Highly recommended if you can still obtain a copy of the disc.