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Good, except for the bad bit. - 55%

caspian, June 11th, 2010

I sort of wrote off the first Njiqahdda album I heard as something that may or may not be good, but that fits my weakness by having a huge amount of distortion. Listening to this album though and I gotta say that either these guys designed their bedroom-noise/psyche/black with the specific design of making me like them, or they're actually sort of good, in the strange way raw/outsider music can be.

Like the previous one I've heard I'd say this is one part Nadja, one part Neurosis and one part noisy black metal, all wrapped up in a fairly confusing production that has everything obscuring everything else. The vocals continue to be extremely high pitched and distorted to the extent that they're reduced to a high pitched blast of distortion, there's layers of effects going on everywhere in this bitch, and the guitars range from fairly out of time clean strummings to, well, exactly the same thing but with a crazy amount of distortion, with the occaisonal strange spikey riff appearing here and there.

Well, at the very least that's half of the album, and here lies the problem. Half of the album is as described, this big, strange blast of alien noise, strange riffs and distortion, and it sounds great. But in the middle you've got half an hour of beach sound effects with some synths floating over the top. For HALF AN HOUR. Not even Varg dared aspire to such degrees of straight out boredom. At least put it after the first two songs! All the energy and tension built up by the first tune is completely shat on by this epic monument to ambient wankery.

But hey, seeing as I've been talking all this time about how strange these guys are, something like that should've been expected, right? Regardless, it was half an hour of complete and total boredom. I still liked two of the songs here, but seeing as half of the album sucked, I'm going to have to dock a fair bit of the score off.