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Somewhat inconsistent - 67%

MaDTransilvanian, November 30th, 2008

Nitberg is one of the lesser-known Blazebirth Hall bands, probably because it's been created much more recently. Unlike other bands such as Branikald, Nitberg had some RAC elements included in the music from the very beginning and this is certainly no different in Nitsanger. The band was also been openly NS throughout its existence, a feature which is absent on the older Blazebirth Hall bands except for Rundagor, but that's been dead for a long time now, along with its core member Dagorath.

Nitsanger is a mix of black metal and RAC, featuring black metal instrumentals and some clean RAC-like singing but, while this mix is competently done on albums such as Branikald's Triumf Voli and other Nitberg releases, here it's all to often an odd mess of music which can be rather irritating on more than one occasion. This EP's title track is the opening song and an unfortunate example of this, meandering around for seven minutes with those less-than-ideal clean vocals which can be all right for a while but may become irritating after prolonged exposure.

Fortunately the second song, Holocaust to the Jews and the Poisoned Ones (what a title!), is much more black metal oriented both vocally and instrumentally. This song and the next one are both shorter than the title track and they’re also more fast-paced, aggressive black metal. The black metal rasps are very good, on par with Kaldrad's usual work, while the guitar work is competent throughout the whole EP, as is the surprisingly varied drumming. The RAC influencing the band members can be slightly detected but it has no real effect on the overall quality of the two middle tracks. The final track is a little more RAC-oriented but here it slightly resembles the more intelligent music off Triumf Voli than the rather messy title track, although it's not exactly a masterpiece either.

Nitsanger's lyrics are all in Russian with no translation in the booklet so I have no idea what they’re about, but a pretty safe guess would be that they're very NS-oriented if one judges by the title of the second track and by the band's overall tendencies. Onward to the production, which is pretty good, not as raw as the early pure black metal albums of the Blazebirth Hall but it's not exactly crystal-clear either.

Nitberg is a pretty good band, no doubt about that, but this EP isn't where their best material is (although the black metal songs are excellent). Their stuff I've heard on the Hammerkrieg split slays the RAC-oriented title track and last song and while those two aren't very good, Nitsanger is still worth hearing for the quality of the two black metal songs.