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Ninnuam > Scar Salvation > Reviews > makaze
Ninnuam - Scar Salvation

Interesting! Very! - 78%

makaze, October 15th, 2004

It really hard to find a good young band that is not only about playing shitty stuff or copying certain bands. One of those rare bands is definitelyNinnuam, swedish melodic-brutal black/death metal. Combination of black and death metal is not something new, but in this case it's pretty good. On the other hand, lots of bands are doing lots of demo recordings without luck of finding a proper label. Ninnuam got interested Low Frequency Records with their quality music and will soon enter a studio to record debut album. Band itself was formed back in 2001. under the name of yXa. Some time they were playing without vocalist, but soon getting one, and keyboard player as well. Their music goes more into black metal, but still with a bit of death characteristics. At the same time they have changed their name to Ninnuam. Anyway, let's get back to this album... production is not so raw, like that's case with most of the black metal bands. It's clear, but with powerful drums produced in a death metal way. Guitars and keyboards are sounding more blackish. This demo-album, "Scar Salvation" features four songs and about 15 minutes of music. It's not much, but I believe it's worth it to buy or at least download this album (it's free, check out our mp3 archive). "Soul vs Soul", the opening track sounds like Abigor vs Dimmu Borgir with a bit more of aggressive playing. "Dark Visions" is pretty good one too, but it lacks of interesting melodies. "Morbid Appealing" is one of the best songs on the album, fast, brutal and it uses guitars as lead instruments. Keyboards are sounding cool in background. Title track "Scar Salvation" is a grand finale, with great keyboard playing in Abigor style, while vocals are growling. If you like melodic black metal, give Ninnuam a chance, I think this band will be a big name in the future.