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Brutally Brilliant - 90%

metal22, December 23rd, 2012

Now seven albums into their career, Nile are a band that have revolutionised death metal. Their Egyptian themed technical brilliance has established them as one of the most impressive bands out there today. After the formidable 'Annihilation of the wicked' the legacy was set in stone, but after 2007's somewhat hollow album 'Ithyphallic' I had to wonder if Nile would descend into mediocrity like many later albums of death metal bands. This album however restored my faith in these gods of technicality and I will explain why 'Those Whom The Gods Detest' is one of their most blisteringly brutal releases.

'Kafir' could not have been a better intro. A tirade of impossibly fast blasts beats and scorching guitar riffs, it will without a doubt become a fan favourite, especially with the evil and perfectly recorded vocals. In fact the first three tracks on the album are unrelenting and show you no mercy as they batter you with ingenious technical mastery. Production-wise, this is probably (along with 'Annihilation of the Wicked') the heaviest album they have under their belt.
'Utterances of the Crawling Dead' hit me like a freight train, and shows how much of a machine George Kollias is behind the kit.

As expected there are some clean starts to some of the songs that soon explode, sending shrapnel into your face. The title track has an ominous introduction that looms over you before Karl and the gang continue their death metal assault. Nile are incredibly good at creating atmosphere in their albums, and they really show it here. The album's second track with its opening sound effects took me to another world.

The album's second half truly showcases their diversity, with a sinister instrumental section (as is tradition) and the head-crushing penultimate track 'The Eye of Ra'. Probably the strongest song on the album due to its sheer brutality. One thing I noticed on this record is that the actual melodies delve even deeper into the Egyptian sound. You can really tell the sheer amount of effort that Karl Sanders put in to make this album sound so unique, and also why he is such a legend on the axe - both brutally and technically.

Nile have created a monster of an album in a time where many death metal bands have passed the top of their game. An absolute essential for death metal fans, it is without a doubt the best release of the year. 'Those Whom the Gods detest' gets even better with every listen and will never cease to impress with its power.

In short, this album is Nile at their most earth-shatteringly intense. Prepare yourself.