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A very good Nile album - 95%

groovymoose, May 30th, 2010

At first, I was a bit hesitant to pick up this album. I thought after Ithyphallic, which was still a good album, that Nile might run out of ideas that fit into their Egyptian style. However, Those Whom the Gods Detest reassured me that Nile is quite capable of coming up with new ideas. Although Annihilation of the Wicked is still the best Nile album in my mind due to its driving, dark sounds, this album is one of the best.

Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade make an interesting team. I like the way Karl can make the most exotic and intricate patterns and scales work for death metal and when mixed with Dallas's intense, edgy vocal and guitar playing, they make a sound that is so unique and memorable that it defines Nile. However, as you will notice after listening to this band, George Kollias (the drummer) is really the driving force behind the heavy sound of Nile. He double kicks faster and more precisely than any death metal drummer and manages to create sick beats to even the most complex Nile riffs.

WIth these three parts of Nile, it would be a shame to see them fall apart. However, Those Whom the Gods Detest put those thoughts to rest. After utilizing primarily Egyptian themes for their songs, this album starts out with Kaffir, which starts has Islamic themes to it. Although the difference may be subtle, it is just enough to show that Nile is more diverse and creative than ever before.

This album hits hard, and Utterances of the Crawling Dead is a true testament to this. Kollias goes absolutely crazy with the double kick and does it without sounding out of control. The riffs are also, while typical Nile riffs, original and not at all boring. Nile is back and with Those Whom the Gods Detest prove that they are as brutal as ever.