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As brutal as a god's wrath - 90%

Grumpy Cat, February 5th, 2016

This is Nile's 6th album. In this string the band has provided nothing less than high quality death metal and they have done so while managing to distinguish every album and not over use the same ideas over and over, its a commendable feat and one that makes 'Those Whom The Gods Detest' even more impressive. Which isn't to say its this good track record of the band that makes the album, the album on its own merits is yet another gem of metal music, the legacy is just icing on the cake.

The album itself seems to be crafted by professional hands, the blast beats and drumming fury match seamlessly with the crunchy fast paced guitar riffs. Solos blaze in and out treating the listener to a technical edge while the bass delivers a non stop punishing volley of bass lines. The elements mix, they compromise and they compliment each other making a finishing product that is far more devastating than its individual parts.

But as the listener adjusts to the relentless speed it crashes and breaks down into a slow but doom ridden crawl. The guitars trade speed for a slow doomy approach and the drumming moves from blast beats to slower but more complicated and technical patterns. Anytime the listener becomes use to what is happening it alternates again. Next your treated to a brief section comprised of middle eastern instruments playing something hauntingly beautiful and eerie before slamming back down with all the intensity it can muster, pulling back in with thrashy, crunchy riffs.

The real good stuff here however is the lyrics and the atmosphere. Nile doesn't just pump out these lyrics, they paint the images and stories very clearly into your mind with how they balance the different sections of music, pictures of the god's unleashing their wrath and images of the bloody handed rise of Islam as its devout warriors lay waste to the native desert cultures.

Anyway, the best tracks to check out here for those of us who don't have time for full albums are the title track, Kafir!, The Eye of Ra and Kem Khefa Khesef. These accurately portray how bad ass this album is.