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Awful crap - 18%

Noktorn, March 11th, 2009

This is the first half of Nile's retarded and lame mid-period that no one should listen to. This isn't the absolute nadir of their career but it sure does come close, and it's the sound on this album and the next that makes many people hate Nile regardless of past or future releases.

This is where Colonel Sanders decided that writing interesting and catchy songs was for queers and that the proper course of Nile was to become a neverending display of technicality crudely broken up with 'epic' Egyptian portions (re: choir effect on synth) and the occasional segment of droning ambiance. I can confirm that NONE of those elements are done well on this album. In fact, the only thing that prevents this from being the musical holocaust that was 'In Their Darkened Shrines' is the fact that this album has bearable production. It's hard to call that a saving grace, though, when the music is so unequivocally awful.

Here's a song on this album: fast array of technical riffing, generally with the typical low, quickly changing tremolo picking of Suffocation-derived artists, but with Sanders deciding to pop in for a lead guitar segment roughly every five seconds. Drums have two modes: blast and fill, and stretches of the former are CONSTANTLY broken up by the latter at the end of every measure in a totally unnecessary display of technicality. All kinds of stuff goes on but none of it has any direction and the ultimate result of all the chaos is nothing. Sanders' vocals are akin to sloppily ejaculating all over a bored hooker; they don't come in any arranged pattern and it just makes everything more messy.

The most ridiculous and retarded part is how poorly the epic Egyptian sections are incorporated; the band literally just stops playing the tech death and starts again playing this tactless breed of epic death metal. And when I say 'just stops', I mean exactly that. There are no bridges, no connecting ideas, just an immediate halt. Apparently they think letting a held chord drift off is enough to connect two completely unrelated musical ideas. Beyond the retarded incorporation though, the epic sections are ridiculously cheesy and artless and shallow; they actually seem WORSE than what an average non-musician could craft, like they're going into negative songwriting territory.

Now granted this isn't as miserable as 'In Their Darkened Shrines', but there's still absolutely nothing to recommend for it and it's difficult for me to think of many albums that I'd place under this. It sucks horribly, HORRIBLY, and it's amazing to think that this is the same band who made the pretty competent 'Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka'. I suppose this has some value if you're a guitar student, but beyond that, there's absolutely no purpose to this album beyond spawning incredulity in its listeners that, yes, a major label put this out and numerous metalheads continue to gobble this up like candy.