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Good Stuff - 80%

MutatisMutandis, July 2nd, 2005

I can see so many of you saying something like:
"...the Hell?! Who gives Nile an 80?"
I think we can all agree that Nile is a very talented, and very tight act, right? But there are just some things about this release that bug me... For one thing, the drums are mixed waaaayyy too high. It was kind of disapointing on first listen... I was really looking forward to something less like the majority of my blast beat grind/gore collection. Y'know, something I could get into just like that. Sure, it's nothing to really rant about, but it wasn't a great first impression. The second thing that kind of gets on my nerves is the lack of music. "What?! Blasphemy!!" you, the loyal Nile fan might say, but there ARE a lot of instrumental/chanting tracks. They may very well keep the egyptian spirit alive (along with the atmosphere) but, well... I studied Egyptian religion, government, tradition, and whatnot for 6 years, and even I would rather it not be there. They just seem like a waste of time, and I just about always skip them... Okey, now for the other 80%.
What Nile is basically is a very cool bit of incredibly technical death carrying an equally cool theme. Songs like Multitude of Foes will take you a while to really comprehend, but then, it's tech death. No one should be as dumb as me and dive into it unaware.
To round it off, I reccomend you get their other efforts first. The drums are turned down just enough in those to actually hear the guitars the first time around. For any fan of Nile who doesn't have this, get it right away. Above all, it's an above average tech death release.