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Raising the bar for USDM - 95%

Garbage_Can, November 19th, 2004

I recently purchased all four major releases by Nile. They are on constant rotation in my CD player. I find that I can't listen to anything else right now, because nothing seems to come close to what Nile has created.
Black Seeds of Vengeance is phenomenal. It is brutal, technical and sounds great. The songs are not repetitive, the riffs are exclusive to each track. Although the vocals are unintelligble, the lyrics are intriguing and each song tells a story (Thank you Karl for the liner notes) about the people of Ancient Egypt. And while they are somewhat gory (moreso than any other Nile release), they are well written. Sanders doesn't just throw in gore for shock value, he is telling you how things got done back in the times of the pharoah. Mixing in the egyptian themes and instruments offers the listener something new and refreshing, something you won't hear from the Cannibal Corpses of the world. I already know how to disembowel a man, now I know how the Egyptians did it. If I had to find one flaw on this record, it would have to be the instrumentals. The opener does nothing for me, the track "Libation Unto the Shades..." is a beautiful classic accoustic guitar track, but I really don't think it succeeds in introducing the next song, which is mainly about raping the women of the enemies of Egypt. The instrumentals just don't blend into the songs as well as other albums, and the CD should have ended after 7 minutes into Dream of Ur. Ketti Satha Shemsu has a nice creepy feel to it, but I feel a little ripped off by having that piece end the CD. But enough with the negs, back to the songs, all of which are great. I can't fast forward through any of the songs.
Can anyone tell me why it took Toler-Wade a year to write Multitude of Foes? I don't know anything about musical theory but my knowledge of division tells me that six months per minute! What am I not hearing?
Anyway, I highly recommend this CD as well as the others. This is for all people out there who like their music with a little imagination and creativity.
I think they get progressively better with each release, and I look forward to hearing from them again in 05.
Best of the best: Black Seeds of Vengeance, Defiling the Gates of Ishtar and To Dream of Ur.