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The Aural Punishment of the Egyptian Sands Rising - 90%

harkwhistler, December 17th, 2012

Nile are and always have been a ubiquitous force in churning out ecstatically classy death metal. Their proficiency in composing and songwriting is virtually unmatched in this day and age. After a dry, desertified spell which was Those Whom The Gods Detest, At The Gates of Sethu is a colossal reminder of their status at the head of the musical sphinx.

Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame is a blasting aural punishment from the land of Ra. From thereon the album ploughs the entire desert and harvests the enormity of the ethno- musicological cannibalism. The vast winding-sentenced song names further punctuate the crushing nature of this record while the tasteful amalgamation of avant garde guitars, chants, and relentlessly pounding drumming with the staccato blasts further intensify the inevitable degradation of the listeners' ears. To further complicate the unpronounceable song names that are each as long as the mighty Nile, the rapid tempo changes and sheer tightness of these gods that light up the sky are surely not for the frail listener who finds solace in a fancy solo that gets passed for technical death metal. Because, when the wrath is done, these mighty gods succeed in naturally liberating your fear through the ritual deception of death metal, thus becoming the singular flag bearers of the supreme humanism of megalomania.

Though the adjectives and expletives used to describe Nile and their mythological masterpiece might eventually be extinguished, their status still remains. And the only glitch would be the drum production, which could have been more powerful and stabbing to further intensify this rigid blockbuster. The album still stands tall as among the best releases of 2012 and certainly among the greatest of Nile's work.