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listen up... - 100%

Penciledinice, May 13th, 2004

I might seem to rate a lot of 100s, but let me explain my reasoning. If I think that the overall percentage of the album has a great need to be increased, I'm more likely to score higher. If I find absolutely nothing wrong with the album, I will rate it a 100. Such is the case with Amongst the Catacombs of the Nephren-Ka. I've heard people be brutally critical of Nile, calling them another Morbid Angel ripoff. I've got news for you, MOST DEATH METAL BANDS TAKE AFTER MORBID ANGEL. ESPECIALLY THE GOOD ONES. I'm a fan of quality, technical, brutal death metal. And where Morbid Angel now lacks, bands like Nile pick it up where they left off. This is by far the best Nile album, if you had to pick one. It's 33 minutes, short and to the fucking point. The production is excellent, less muddy than Black Seeds. In my original impressions of Nile, I had preconceptions of Egyptian themed death metal as being a bit of a potentially laughable shtick, a gimmick. But after learning more about the band, I realized that from the lyrical content down to the instruments used, Nile are serious. Real serious. Sanders, if I can recall correctly, collects ancient Egyptian artifacts, and texts. All of the lyrics hold mythological or historical significance, and those lyrics that you can understand, you can completely tell that this shit is brutal. Singing shit about evil forces, battles, tyrants, blasphemy, carnage, and the list goes on, but in an Egyptian context. Who'da thought that listening to death metal could be educational? The melodies and vocals are particularly sinister. The occasional usage of native Egyptian instruments only help create a powerful behemoth of an image of what these songs are about.

This shit ain't "The Mummy Returns".

Go get all Nile releases. But get this one first.

Songs: Smashing The Antiu, Barra Edinazzu, Serpent Headed Mask, The Howling Of The Jinn (etc. etc. etc...)