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"As We Watch Mantus Give This Demo A Good Rating" - 90%

EmperorMantus, November 9th, 2008

Nihlotep reigns in San Jose, California, they, to me at least, are like a form of what I would call, Progressive Black Metal, which really sounds a bit odd, but when you listen to them, there's just something about their music that makes you think. I have played one previous show with them in the past, and their performance was truly incredible. When see them during a show, they are very INTO their music, they play it perfectly. I have never had this happen to me before during a live show, but SOMETIMES, if you close your eyes while listening to them play, you will feel like you're part of their music and if you listen to the words, you will understand them a lot better.

This first demo release by Nihlotep really shows what they're capable of at such an early start. The demo opens with one of Nihlotep's faster tracks, Mosaic; then comes the epic song "Seduction And Sedition At The Deluge Of Opacity," and the reason I call this song epic is because it is very progressive in the sense that, considering the length of the song, which is around 11 minutes, it flows together perfectly. Now for the self-titled track, Nihlotep. Musically, in this song, Nihlotep shines the most, they combine some pretty crazy sounding tapping techniques in this song and really create an aggressive atmosphere with all of the blast beats and very melodic, heavy riffs. "As We Watch Him Prostrate In Emulation" the final track on this demo, opens with some clean sounding guitar, but quickly changes, and makes a very brutal opening which then leads into another clean guitar part where you get to hear Sol reciting some of the lyrics to the song. The song lasts a total of 12:20, and ends with a pretty epic ending of a slow guitar solo.

Nihlotep is an excellent band and with their first demo sounding this good, all we can do is just wait for another brilliant release. Until then, check Nihlotep out and try to get a hold of this demo.