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Into the void... Let's go!!! - 75%

Lane, May 9th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Independent

Nihilum are a companion for that seemingly endless search for knowledge about the human existence, and the existence of the whole. For those desperate times when feeling absolutely crestfallen about one's insignificance, Nihilum are here to explore these themes from ancient shamans to modern science (the lyrics are well written!).

'Call of the Void' is this one-man band's debut EP from June 2020. It's very much discernible for a "bed room" product. Generally, it has a reverbing sound. The vocals are understandable, not very high-pitched throat vocalization; something between growl and shriek. The guitar is thick, but not so heavy; very much on black metal's colder side, just and just. The drums are programmed, but the samples aren't bad; they almost sound acoustic drums at times. The bass is audible, giving it some "boom". It's good quality stuff.

Intriguing electronic and shamanistic introduction is very different to other music here, and does not really feel a fully integral part of the whole. The proper stuff's guitar fluctuates from power chords to tremolo picking and shrill open-string stuff. The pace of the music is mostly fast, blasting or perhaps more like "quilting", but there are slower moments here and there, letting the guitars breath more (doomy 'Pestilence'). The compositions are more or less expected, but not really blunt; the songs do not have many different parts or peculiar twists. They can steal one's attention without notice, lingering themselves through synapses like a slowly impacting venom; it feels like a metaphysical traveling. The aggression and energy manage to push it forward, too. However, there are some frustratingly bad decisions, like the shoddy finale, which kind of manages to blow it all.

'Call of the Void' is aggressive, sometimes doomy and warped traveling music for pondering about the void. Definitely welcome orthodox black metal that lifts influences from several decades, during these times of post-this and post-that!

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