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Death Metal Orgasm - 90%

optimuszgrime, February 29th, 2008

Nihilist is one of those bands that came, saw, and conquered. This is their second demo, and the least favorite of mine, meaning that would only kill 350 people to get a hold of it, if ever I were to lose it, which seems unlikely. I keep it buried beneath the earth and only unearth it at special instances, otherwise only listening to the digitalized versions of it. This piece of music, ask any death metal fanatic, is something that we all hail as a cornerstone of death metal, it is one of our pillars. My personal feelings about the band is that they were better than Entombed or Unleashed, the two bands they later on spawned, and I love both of those bands. Yes, it is that good. This demo as I have stated is not as good as their other stuff, but it holds the deep gruff vocals that are pretty fucking sweet, and the sound is more cryptic on this demo than on the other one, but not as good as the ‘Drowned’ EP. The only reason I own this demo is because it has the original recording of ‘Face of Evil’, which is one of the best songs ever to be recorded. The atmosphere that emanates form these recordings is absolutely awe inspiring, and analog recording has never been so fucking dirty, and yet the tones, albeit distorted, are still pretty clear and audible, a feat which few can say they can achieve. The recording of ‘Face of Evil’ has the singer (arguably Hedlund of Unleashed fame) shitting bricks, or so it sounds. The entire demo is 10 minutes of death metal orgasm, it is very, very recommended.