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Before There Was Entombed... - 88%

BassLord, September 25th, 2005

Nihilist is a somewhat obscure band. Even though they were one of the first bands in the Swedish death metal scene, they never recorded an official album. Their demos however, were traded massivley through the underground tape traders network, and were highly celebrated works. However, due to personal differences with their bassist, Nihilist disbanded only to reform the same week under the new moniker Entombed. And thus Nihilist sank forever into obscurity, until now.

This collection collection compiles every Nihilist recording that ever existed. You get all three Nihilist demos, as well as various rehearsal tracks and other goodies. This cd also includes the single Entombed demo. The pakaging and booklet is also noteworthy, with artwork from all their recordings, tons of photos, as well as descriptive liner notes detailing the bands brief but important history.

The music on hand is top notch, old school death metal. Even in these early recordings, the classic Entombed, dirty as fuck guitar sound remains ever present. Each successive demo shows the band delving into darker territory. The "Premature Autopsy" demo offers sick, thrashed death metal while "Drowned" shows the band incorporating doomier elements into their sound.

This compilation is essential for Entombed fans, or even for fans trying to get into the roots of death metal. It also serves as an important history lesson on one of death metal's siclest bands.