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Cryptic Nihilism - 100%

optimuszgrime, February 29th, 2008

The most cryptic of the Nihilist releases. The starting track says it all, with the long drawn out intro of just that one sweet ass riff playing, to the vocal patterns, to the drum tracks that are primitive yet captivating, this recording will be looked back on from hundreds of years in the future as a prime example of death metal fully matured and devastating. This is the epitome of the salad days of death metal, a look back at the dungeon demos and is as such a great value to fans. Even if you do not like old school death metal this EP should be picked up, it is only two tracks, and demonstrates where this great genre grew out of. The bands that later formed such as Entombed and Unleashed and Dismember can truly say they grew it of a band that was not a beginning of any sort, but a project that has run its course and done all it could. After this recording, sadly Nihilist disbanded. But their albums stand as a testament to all that they have done for the genre, and what they have done is define it.
The demo sounds like much like the dungeon days in general, being creepy and eerie as all hell, with a little bit more echo than can be anticipated form other releases of this great band, but it still is recognizable as the true Nihilist. A bit more muffled and cryptic sounding, this EP is absolutely penetrating. The riffs are all there and not a single fuck up can be heard, even during the solo. The vocals are also the best on this recording, if we do not count the rehearsal footage. All in all, it is a good ending to the legacy of Nihilist, and certainly a good last note to end it on.