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Nihilism > Promo > Reviews > Spatupon
Nihilism - Promo

A leap forward - 89%

Spatupon, March 13th, 2014

Nihilism is one of those bands which does not really try to reinvent the wheel, but rather build on the previous works to continue increasing the number of releases under the sub-genre of depressive black metal. Usually, people tend to keep away from really unknown bands from this genre, since in most cases they're presented with some really terrible, recycled music whose production is like listening to a koala bear being raped by an elephant.

This one song demo, although devoid of any progression which is so badly needed in this genre which is slowly but surely drowning in an enormous ocean of alike bands, offers a seven minute song of pure misanthropy, and depression, reflecting general hate towards everyone and everything. The artwork on this one seemed quite appealing, showing a person contemplating his life, before taking the leap of faith, or at least that's my impression of it.

For a promo, I think that one song doesn't really do the trick to convey everything that the musicians behind this demo have to offer, but at least it's quite satisfying that they gave everything they have in one single song. Lengthwise the song is not too long, neither too short, although it can be quite a challenge for someone who is not quite familiar with this type of sound.

The vocals on this one are the true definition of infernal putridity. The howls are so illustrated with agony, that it becomes impossible for the listener not to become a death worshiping horde after truly experiencing the full extent of the vocals presented. The drums do not really show any sort of artistic variety, although to be entirely fair, they're quite enjoyable, maintaining a balance between furious blast-beats and ethereal, funeral-doom like beats.

The same goes for the guitars. They lack any sort of creativity, opting to embrace the familiar sound of unforgiving tremolo-picked melodies, which manage to create a truly depressive atmosphere, so void of happiness or joy. Even though this song basically contains two/three different riffs, it still maintains a certain degree of authenticity, thus there's no room for the listener to get bored. Emphasizing on one single instrument, in reviewing this promo would be a fatal mistake, since a reductionist approach is too technical for such a release.

The minimalism, I think really outlines the meaningless of life thus making clear the aims of depressive black metal. Progression, and technicality although being helpful at times, might not be able to convey the full extent, and the true nature of this bleak sub-genre, of black metal. This band is a real reflection of the philosophy that depressive black metal abides with, a clear statement that life is nothing but a time-span of pure misery, and bleakness.

I urge all those who are into this ethereal sub-genre to give this demo a listen. Sure, it might not be something which would be put on a pedestal for its sheer technicality, but I'm sure as hell that you won't be disappointed if you're into harsh, unforgiving depressive music. Not to mention the fact that this demo was quite a leap forwards, from this band's previous releases.