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The Empty Moon Watches with Lid Closed and Iris Scorned - 88%

Neheroth, January 13th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2020, 12" vinyl, ASRAR (Limited edition)

Nihil Invocation is a stalwart expression of raw black metal at its most stripped down, refined and purest. Deathwalker has used it as his main vehicle of sorrow spreading since 2016 and, with each incantation cast into the howling maw of the abyss, has only sought to improve this spellcraft with horrific determination. In the year of pain, 2020, the ruin strider set out to release some of his deadliest spellcraft yet - forging an alliance between himself and two other entities of desolate potency - Drug Darkness and Valac.

Dead Seed Immersed in Sorrow’s Glory is a compilation of these two conspiracies and the spells contained within are easily the greatest works Deathwalker has ever penned. The first half of the incantation is taken from, Deathly Hands and Spirit’s Unredeemed, which features the narcotic addled experimentations of Sterile, who’s spellcraft through Drug Darkness was perfect for the stoicism of Nihil Invocation. The second half, taken from, Far Below the Mortal Grasp, was a stark medley of void throne worship and featured the work of obsidian spectre, Valac. Both were magnificent splits alone, but now, combined together in a wonderful physical artefact of sublime wax ruin - handled by sublime record cabal ASRAR - Nihil Invocation can truly drape its depthless sorrow deep below and allow that empty stone to grow true those fruits of trepidation.

“Dead Seed Immersed in Sorrow’s Glory” is a spell that allows acolytes to soak in the superlative spellcraft of Nihil Invocation immediately. A perfect example of how Deathwalker is still improving the miserable glamours of his sorcery; infectious melody, sparse and slow instrumentation, abyssal vocals, vigorous bass lines and a warm, organic production, all wound up together in a mature and well thought out composition that permeates the whole of the incantation. Misery is the chief enchantment the Deathwalker has ensorcelled here; a dreary soundscape of pragmatic supremacy, one that relies solely on expert alchemical assembly, rather than any gimmick led cantrips or contemporary copycat thematics. It is this attitude of die-hard melody worship that infects every inch of pallid flesh on display. “Solitary Ember Fallen (Burning Light)” is arguably the greatest spell that Deathwalker has cast into the ruinous shackles of existential damnation. The chief melody is so desolate, so unrepentant in its expression of malign despondency, that it is hard not to feel the heartbreak and the tears to burn, especially with Deathwalker’s exhalation of depression a third of the way through.

“Тролль” is another spell worthy of note, not only due to the gloom synth possessed variety it adds to the incantation, but also because it highlights an alteration of the ritual circle that Deathwalker has maintained in solitude since the departure of Ankath all those seasons ago. M.R. is a Russian scion of morbid synth sorcery and has been an excellent addition to the formula, this creature of malevolence providing the aforementioned spell, as well as being a full member now of Deathwalker’s doom war entity, Vengeance Sorcery. This conspiracy between the two has been most fortuitous for those acolytes prostrating themselves before the Nihil Invocation, for it has only empowered that grim drape of melancholy that Deathwalker has been choking the world with for years now. We can only hope that this continued alliance will bear the fruit of sorrow in deluge—that all of us can feast in those lonely gardens for seasons to come.

The thick and warm tones of the production has always been an excellent choice for Nihil Invocation, not only in the sense that it sets it apart from some of its contemporaries, but because it allows Deathwalker to display one of his greatest talents; wielding bass melodies that sing a lonely story all on their own. “Once Arose from Weary Trail” features this best, the beginning allowing the bass to carry the weight of the melody, whilst the shrill tremolo soars high above it, before both fuse together in a wicked symbiosis of tear stained desolation. It is this bass weighted nature of Nihil Invocation that allows it to work a magic within the realm of raw black metal, that those of a dissonant and emaciated production rarely achieve, Deathwalker utilising an oft ignored part of the instrumentation and elevating it beyond what is typically expected.

Nihil Invocation have always been a strong contender of wretched Empty Moon worship, and whilst 2020 has been a somewhat quiet year for the one who treads with death, it has once again proven to be an entity focused on growth and surpassing that which came before. Dead Seed Immersed in Sorrow’s Glory is a bloom of candlelight shadow, whose shapes and sounds bring forth all manner of deep emotional response throughout its spellcraft. Those in search of a reserved, mature and heartbreaking sound, need dig those old graves no longer, for already they have discovered that invocation that will lay their brittle bones to rest. Nihil Invocation is an outright expression of its namesake, the suggestion of that which lies beyond our own world, a place that is depthless and vast—a place of spirits unredeemed and the seeds of the dead yet unsown.

We all search for ruin in those deep recesses of the dark, whether we want to or not. Escape from this desire—this primordial hunger—is an impossibility, Morbid keyholes can only distract for so long. The strings tug and twist, push and pull, choke and swallow. The Empty Moon watches with lid closed and iris scorned. Ennui is a symptom of things no longer prepared in the great astral cauldron of shape and sound. We all wander aimless. We all strangle life. We all deceive the flesh.

Orginally published for GLOOMHAMMER Digital