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ecuador has a bad track record - 40%

Noktorn, January 2nd, 2011

This doesn't really do anything for me; same story with a lot of satanic South American extreme metal. Nihil Domination plays South American black/death metal in much the manner you're probably thinking now; sort of crude, riffy stuff seemingly influenced by Morbid Angel and Dark Funeral but without the professionalism of either of those bands. This demo has apparently been printed and re-printed a few times, which I find interesting because I can't imagine this actually selling to many people. It's hardly the worst thing I've ever heard, but it's painfully amateurish and the songwriting doesn't really overcome that flaw. What's the point, again?

Nihil Domination likes to use rolling triplet rhythms way too much along with repeating the same few riffs way too much. Of the riffs: formless black/death things that are generally too short and simple for their own good and don't communicate much other than being black/death riffs with a hint of oldschool thrash flavor here and there. The rather rickety, uneven drum performance doesn't do much to bolster them, nor do the uniquely South American yowling vocals, nor, again, does the rehearsal room production which robs the guitars of any power they might have had. Frankly, despite the riffing and songwriting ethos, Nihil Domination sounds more like a beefed up thrash band than anything, which doesn't really interest me; the songs are too long for their own good and rarely go anywhere interesting, circling around the same few musical ideas that were played out probably a half decade before this demo was even released.

Whatever, man, this is just really boring and stale and I honestly doubt the band got substantially better after this, so skip it and save yourself some time and money. South American bands are some of the most spectacularly hit or miss in the world, and this one's definitely a miss.