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Wishmastour 2000 - 93%

Silmaril, September 1st, 2003

Whishmastour 2000 is a limited edition release which contains bonus tracks from several other Nightwish cd's.
The only track that is readily available outside this cd is Wishmaster. Then there's Sleepwalker with guitars added on, which sounds much better than the excessively electronic version.
Track #3 is Passion and the Opera on an edited version, which is shorter than the Oceanborn original.
Nightquest is one of my favourites, it sounds somewhere between Oceanborn and Wishmaster, the only let down is that Tarja's voice sounds a little muted on this one, but it's still a great track nevertheless!
On track #5 we have a Return to the Sea which is more of a keyboard-oriented ballad with some guitars in the end and it creates a great atmosphere together with Tarja's beautiful voice.
The final track is from a previous session of Angels Fall First, it's called Once Upon a Troubador and it's an acoustic song with a medieval tone which makes images of Robin Hood appear on your mind.
There are also 2 videos on this cd, the video for Sleeping Sun which shows Tarja in the middle of nature with the sun going down in the horizon and the live video of Sacrament of Wilderness.
Overall there are great songs on this album and the idea behind this is very good, since tracks #3 to #6 are bonus tracks that can be found in their releases in several different countries and this means you don't have to get the whole album just to have one bonus track. I don't know how many copies have been made of this release but I bought about one and a half year ago, so I don't know if it's available in shops, if you are a Nightwish fan and can't find it, I suggest you look for it on Ebay.