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What? - 20%

GTog, December 6th, 2011

Hardcore Nightwish fans rejoice, because here's a release that probably only you will own. Because no one else will bother.

The demo versions of Eva and The Poet and the Pendulum are laughably bad, with I think Marco attempting the vocal parts. Oh my god, can that man not sing. Musically both tracks are pretty much the same as the album versions, without the symphony orchestra. So they sound a little thin, but still you can tell what they are. It's just the vocals that are bone-crushingly awful. They could've had someone voice over "Look, there's supposed to be a woman singing here, but we haven't hired one yet. Sorry." That would have been better.

And since when does Nightwish release demos? These aren't "demo versions", these are just unfinished. That's a pretty cheap ploy.

Two songs on this album - While Your Lips Are Still Red and The Escapist, are the only real Nightwish you're going to get here. And they're both good. But Anette sings on The Escapist, so it's not clear why she doesn't also do WYLASR or the raw versions of the Dark Passion Play tracks. She would kill WYLASR.

Everything else is an "orchestral version" or "instrumental version", which are both just ways of saying "not with Anette version". Needless to say, that's not a version I have any interest in. This is really a pathetic release that gets only 20% because it does have two actual songs on it.