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A true collectors item - 90%

Tenebris, January 26th, 2005

This boxed set is truly for the people who do not mind spending a pretty penny. If you like their prior albums, you are certain to enjoy these 4 picture discs. The stunning variety of Angels Fall First, The speed and various mood changes experienced during Oceanborn and the catchy tunes of Wishmaster. Not to mention all the rare versions you get on the fourth Lp.
This is Nightwish pure and simple. Also, the turntable mat included will assure that the picture discs and your turntable stay in excellent condition.
Once again, this is great music no matter what mood you are in.
What is also interesting is that you can see the evolution (vocally) in Tarja.
In the beginning, she did not have as much experience in operatic singing as she does now. The improvement is stricking!! Al in all, this is worth a listen no matter what style of music you listen to.