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Wrong - 20%

SoulPossessed, June 9th, 2008

This is unbeliavable! I just don't get it, why ruin one of their best songs?
The "New 2005" version is absolutely lame. Nightwish was and is still a band with huge potential and if they planned to do a remake, they were SUPPOSSED to improve it, not the fucking opposite.

Tarja Turunen is a really good vocalist, she was so great in their past albums, however her operatic skills seemed to decline since they released "Once". I guess Tuomas said "Oh what the hell, you're so good at opera, but I want you to sing a shitty pop version!" And of course, it was just a bad decision.If you listen to the original version (included in this release) you'll see what I'm talking about. It was a great,calm, and beautiful balad, with AWESOME vocals/atmosphere, there is no doubt it's a Nightwish classic. However, the remake is so wrong. As I said before, completely weak vocals. There's a point in which it's just fucking annoying. Musically, the band itself does nothing impressive. No improvement, same solo, same keyboards. And overall, they accomplished nothing but an over-produced and mainsteam sound.
And there's no point in including a useless and cheesy symphonic part at the end!

The only reason why I gave it 20% it's because it includes the nice and untouched version.
Don't buy this, it sucks.If you want to listen to Sleeping Sun, get "Oceanborn" instead.