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Drakkar Import is worth buying - 90%

Symphony_Of_Terror, February 15th, 2003

The Over The Hills and Far Away Nightwish ep is the last recording of Nightwish before they stopped having Tarja sing operatic vocals, this is also their last Symphonic recording. Century Child is a bit Symphonic, but its more a pop metal album than Symphonic Operatic Metal. This ep has some solid tracks on it, Over The Hills And Far Away is a great classic Symphonic Operatic Nightwish song. Very easily to get into it, flowing, melody, this track has it all. This is defiantly the high point of the album. Tarja sings with alot of power on this track too. Away is a very pretty track, peaceful, and ambient. Tarja sings a little less operatic on this track, but it works well, very pretty. The drums and singing on this album is what really stands out. The drums for one are very loud, but it works well. Gives the songs volume and size.
Astral romance is off Nightwishes greatest album, Angels Fall First, the remastered version is really anything better than the origonal, but its a nice track to have on it.
The Drakkar Import has some nice live songs, if you are going buy this ep get the drakkar import, has many additional live tracks. You'll get more for you money. Overall this ep leaves me wanting more. Not bad for what it is though. Great music, just needs more origonal tracks.