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Mallcore + orchestra = Once. - 20%

PhantomLord86, April 10th, 2007

These guys need no introduction, everybody knows them. What we have here is the band trying to be commercial: Tarja sings like your average mainstream MTV gothic chick and not like an opera singer, the guitars sound oh so br00tal with the stupid downtuning and the orchestra sounds like a c-class gothic album. This formula is better known as 'commercial gothic mallcore'.

The opener is easily the best song here, even though it features the vomit-inducing guitar tone as the whole album does. Some vocal lines are rather memorable and the chorus is pretty good, so it is quite enjoyable after all. But when you get to track 2, the disaster begins. 'Wish I Had An Angel' features the most childish voice to ever come out of Tarja's throat as well as gothic start-stop bullshit guitars. The bass is actually the most tastefully used instrument in this album, with a thick sound and a nice approach to the songs.

Next comes 'Nemo', a track that starts with a nice piano but after a few moments the nu-metal shit starts and at this point you realize that this album is impossible to rescue. The guitar is so much fucking disgusting that ruins everything that remains acceptable, not to mention the un-use of Tarja's incredible vocal abilities, reducing her to an Evanescence clone. The only good thing about this song is the melodic kick-ass although too short solo halfway through.

'Planet Hell' is the second best track, with some nice hooks and an above-average vocal performance by Marco. Emppu insists on the start-stop shit but that is not gonna change so don't bother. This song is maybe saved by the well-achieved vocal lines and the somewhat good chorus, but nothing else is remarkable here.
It's useless to review the rest of the tracks since each one has the same flaws the previous one have, and to be honest I'm tired of hearing this shitty album for reviewing purposes.

If you plan on buying this album, forget about hearing solos, operatic vocals or good riffs (in fact, forget about hearing riffs at all). You won't buy symphonic/power metal, you will buy gothic mallcore Suckin' Temptation would be proud to compose.