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The decline continues... - 42%

Corimngul, August 9th, 2004

Well now,
what happens if Nightwish tries to be more cool and more themselves of the good ol' days? And has a higher budget than ever? Well - Once. An album filled with their old used-up melodies and faster drumming. The fact is that they not only reuse melodies but also their old lyrics! This is a partly overproduced work of a sell-out band. No question this could have been done better, in deed it's even worse than Century Child. A indifferent sad redo of what they've accomplished in the past..

In deed the first song is good. You can hear that it's Nightwish, but it feels original enough. I Wish I Had An Angel is more energetic but here the trend starts: spiced-up old Nightwish melody here and there interrupted with disturbing and hardly understandable pauses and fillers. The use of the piano in the third song is kinda cool. It's the first time she (insert name here) sings hearable, and good too. The song is rather boring though. I guess you can say it's variable but it's not in a good way. The guitar solo is corny.

The fourth song starts bad with quite a silly intro. The 'ah':s repeated over and over again adds to the silliness. And the drumming has the feel that they selected it for its metal feel, rather than fitting to the metal lines. And then there's the 'ah':s again. And then the rest is a big Yawn. Next comes the fifth song, sung in a language I'm unsure of, sound like some indian one. Their in-hired singer sings his language very good, and there we have some new melody! But now she (Tarja?) comes again singing in English o' course, and argh, I've heard this before! Next problem is that the two parts don't fit very well together.

The sixth song is where Nightwish start trying to be cool, actually starting with a riff! Not too bad, the following is though. And the 'ah':s return... The song is, when it doesn't suck, just lame. Also the next song has a "cool" intro, that is a bit metal clichée... Singing fits with music, and for once the melody doesn't end abruptly! It's just these brief periods of coolness that must be shown that interrupts it. But we have met that phenomena before.

Romanticide starts with 'ah':s and is built on and by old melodies camouflaged with heavier and louder drumming than ever before. Piece o' crap. Also the ninth song starts with 'ah':s, followed by a decent instrumental part followed by crappy singing of Tarja followed by a weak chorus.But her singing gets better as it's played slower. As does the song. The less metal they try to be, the better they do. But all right - the end is metal enough, and quite good too. I guess that you'll have to score something in ten minutes of time. Tenth song is a calm, beautiful singing in finnish. Hey, this is a new melody! Best song of the album, cleary, and note, they didn't even try to be metal this time. Last song starts as calmly, gets "semimetal" still decent. But when it's time for the full metal, it's crappy. Boring chorus it is. The bridge before though has the musical feel of a power ballad, and it's the nicest part of the song.