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A Classic - 100%

liten, June 14th, 2003

Definitely Nightwish's no 1 album. All the songs have catchy melodies that easily stick to your brain. And this is one of those few albums where every single song is something different, something unique.
It starts with the track "Stargazers" in a fast and heavy manner, Tarjas beutiful and thick voice merging perfectly with the music. The next track, "Gethsemane" follows in the same manner, and then, when you think you've got a hold on the cd, the atmosphere shifts with "Devil and The Deep Dark Ocean". The heavy drum beats and the dark, almost deathmetal like, voice of "the devil", which is the perfect contrast to Tarjas deep voice. The 4th song, "Sacrament Of Wilderness", with its heavy guitar riffs is yet a song that differs greatly from the others.
Then it is time for a very unique song. "Passion and the Opera" starts with good riffs and a catchy melody, but then, after about half of the song, The true power of Tarjas voice is revealed. Acompanied by thick drums and guitars, the puts fourth some mighty "Opera-screams".

"Swanheart" is a wonderful ballad which has the perfect place on the album, after five mighty songs it is perfect to have a slow, beautiful song. The song "Moondance" is yet another song that is different from the others. It begins with a slow, beautiful keyboard melody, which suddenlu bursts into a heavy, fast and folk-inspired song (I know I've herd the melody in some classical piece but I can't remember which). This is an Instrumental song. "The Riddler" has some really deep lyrics, and this song keeps the same tempo as "Moondance". The 9th song is the heaviest and darkest song on this album. "The Pharao Sails To Orion" is most alike "Devil and the deep dark ocean", with the dark and heavy voice playing the major role. Here Nightwish has some egyptian themes in the same manner as "Tutankhamen" on their first album "Angels Fall First", but this song also features some fast piano parts. The last song "Walking in the Air" is the perfect ending for this cd. Starting off as a slow ballad, it is the total opposite of the previous track. But for every passing second the song becomes a little bit more heavy and a little bit faster. You will, as shure as you can't walk in the air, remember this song and this album.

If you're still not convinced that this is a great album, consider this:
I have played Nightwish for many people, with manny different opinions about music, some like trance, some like punk etc. and none, i repeat NONE, of these have said that they don't like Nightwish afterwards. Even my mother, who is very sensitive to all music that is not classical, has said they're good!