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Nemo...the DVD!! - 90%

krozza, October 19th, 2004

As if on cue, my wish for the video for ‘Nemo’ arrives. There is no doubt that the response to Finland’s Nightwish has reached unprecedented heights. As I stated in my analysis of their ‘Once’ album, they’ve always been thereabouts, huge in their homeland and with an extremely solid fan base across the European mainland. With the backing of Roadrunner, the foray into the Western/American market has begun. ‘Once’ (the bands fifth studio album) has stirred up quite the reputation – more positive and negative as far as I can tell, and with the release of the video for ‘Nemo’ things are about to get even more exciting for the band.

Of all the tracks written for ‘Once’, it is ‘Nemo’ that stands head and shoulders above the rest, particularly when highlighting the ‘hit’ potential of Nightwish’s compositions. ‘Nemo’ has massive commercial potential written all over it - A killer mix of dark gothic atmosphere, melodic riffage, soaring and powerful orchestration and a chorus to die for. It’s melodic and catchy enough for the girls and hard enough for the metal head in us all.

So great is the belief in ‘Nemo’ and the accompanying video, Roadrunner records have manufactured 7000 DVD copies of said track to show potential new fans across Australia and New Zealand just what the fuss is all about. The video itself is very impressive in its slick professional production, the visuals capturing the band in full flight upon a snow covered mountain top whilst the striking vocal and physical gothic beauty of front woman Tarja Turunen makes it even more appealing. Not sure about the concept, but it’s a very dark, brooding video with some obscure underlying religious connotations throughout.

IN addition to the ‘Nemo’ DVD, we also get the audio album version of ‘Nemo’ and ‘Planet Hell’ and a DVD of ‘The making of Nemo’ which is all cut camera angles of the in studio processes involved (and what do you know, Nightwish didn’t actually play on a mountain top for this vid?…just in front of a Hollywood Blue screen). Interesting, if a little forgettable, as there are no audio voices involved, just cut away shots of Tarja and the band being made up for certain takes whilst ‘Nemo’ plays in the background.

The second single from ‘Once’ is the catchy up-tempo riff driven track ‘Wish I Had An Angel’. This track, like ‘Nemo’ entered the Finnish charts at NO.1 and will also appear on the movie soundtrack for the forthcoming film ‘Alone in the Dark’ which stars Christian Slater and Tara Reid.

It will interesting to see how ‘Nemo’ sells in Australia (or the US for that matter). As much as I disagree with the comparison, I have the feeling that RR will use the ‘Evanescence’ link to get ‘Nemo’ on FM radio. I reckon it’s still too heavy for mass acceptance, but the voice of Tarja could be the overriding key. Be sure to check your local video shows for ‘Nemo’ soon, or grab this DVD.