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The same Nightwish, new singer - 95%

evildude, May 29th, 2007

I was surprised when I saw this song is a ballad. Not because Nightwish dosen't have any ballads, because it does and some are great, but because it's their new single. On Wikipedia it states clearly:
"Lead band member Tuomas Holopainen has in an interview said that the album will have a lot in common with the last album (Once). For example, the band will keep the new kind of harder songs (such as "Nemo", "Wish I Had an Angel" and "Planet Hell"), but there will as well be softer ballads."
"There will as well be softer ballads" means that a few ballads will appear on the album, but most of the song will be harder, so I don't understand why emphatise on a ballad. The reason could be that they wanted to present Olzon's voice, but, then again, there are many who can sing a ballad. I was more curious as to how she sings a harder song like "End of all hope".

These things aside, the song is a very good one. "Angels fall first" is one of the things I dislike from Nightwish because I feel like Tarja's voice is piercing my brain. It's nice to see a change like this one. I would rather prefer a less operatic, more symphonic, heavier Nightwish. In "Eva", Olzon's voice is in harmony with the instrumental part. It's low and melancholic in the first half, raising in the second half where the instrumental gets a little harder and more complex.

To be honest, I never understood why Nightwish are considered power metal. The atmosphere is closer to folk\gothic and the instruments closer to a symphonic\heavy. Even they state their genre is "melodic heavy metal with a female vocalist".

In conclusion, I find this song to be very good one. It's simply Nightwish. The same Nightwish and a new singer.
There is also a short solo in the song, a solo that reminded me of the one from "Nemo".